Joyce Lake Outpost

Want to trophy fish and inhabit the only cottage on a remote lake? Then book a trip to…BOOI'S OUTPOST.
Be Ready For Combat - You're Fightin' The Big Pike. Joyce Lake's claim to fame are the titanic trophy pike that inhabit her waters. There's an army of savage Northerns in the 18 to 33 lb. size. This outpost has been catch and release for the pike since 1987.

Our Question to you is- ARE YOU READY FOR A BATTLE?
Many TROPHY PIKE are captured and released during the spring, summer and fall.
In the spring time you'll sight fish for the trophies in the shallow waters. In the summer, angle the cabbage beds and points for the biggies. In the fall, get out your big crankbaits, these gluttonous big pike are after them. Any month will find you catching and releasing top quality trophy pike.

How about some delicious WALLEYES?

You'll catch many walleyes running 2 lb. each. Some guests have reported releasing walleye in the 10 lb. trophy size. Although Joyce Lake is primarily a place you go for big pike, you'll get your share of walleyes spring, summer and fall. How about trolling right in front of your cabin? You'll catch lots for lunch in less than an hour.

Joyce Lake is 38 air miles northeast of Red Lake. This tea stained lake is 3 X 5 miles long and comprised of numerous islands, sand beaches, weed beds and bays. Its average depths range from 6 feet to 25 feet. Look at the map of Joyce Lake, noting our ideal spot...where would you try your luck?

When you fly in:
On your day of arrival, Jim Booi and his 185 floatplane is there ready to greet you. He'll check over your equipment, and give you maps and pointers. Get a handle ready. Your radio at Joyce Lake connects you to our lodge at Trout Lake. The 185 is stationed at Booi's lodge. Give us a shout and tell us about your trophies.

Your cottage is nestled in a sheltered bay on the southeast side of the lake. It's a 20' X 32' with a 12' screened-in-porch. It features a kitchen, propane fridge and stove. Single beds with good mattresses assure you of a restful sleep, while a wood burning heater will keep you toasty warm on those chilly Canadian nights. This cabin is spacious, cleaned by you and your group and maintained, BUT DEFINITELY RUSTIC. (The prices we charge reflect that…) Some folks might say it separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls. (if you are looking for ultra-modern accommodations, try our fly-in only lodge on Trout Lake, check out this link for Booi's Island.

For your boating and fishing pleasure, we have a fleet of safe 16' boats powered by dependable new-every-year 9.9 h.p motors. These boats and motors are constantly checked on a regular basis. A spare motor, paddles, and all the mixed gas you can burn are supplied.
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Fish Available:
Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye
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Welcome to Booi's Fly-in Lodge & Outposts: Crisp clean air, breathtaking sunsets and total relaxation in the most beautiful lakeside cottages in Northern Ontario is just the beginning ... moreto what could be the most fabulous fly-in wilderness-fishing trip of your life.

Trout Lake is located 20 minutes by floatplane north of Red Lake, Ontario. The lake is only accessible by air and is totally isolated from civilization and in the heart of the vast Canadian wilderness.

Trout Lake has among the best freshwater sports fishing in the world. 20+ pound Northern Pike are caught and released on a regular basis. Monster Lake Trout patrol the depths while hard fighting Walleyes over-populate the rocky points and bays. Our fishing boats are fully equipped and our guides will not only bring you to the hottest fishing spots, but also cook you shore lunches you will never forget.

Our cottages are fully equipped and very luxurious. You can cook your own meals or let us serve you fabulous full course home cooked cuisine, which is served in our main lodge. We also have remote wilderness outpost cabins if you wish to be in total seclusion.
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Fish Available:
Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye
Firepit, Grill, WiFi
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