Moose Lake Drive-in Outpost Camp

The average size pike is 30 inches. There are many 36 to 40 inch pike being caught by guests, which weigh in between 12 and 15 pounds. There has been bigger monster Northern Pike up in the 48-inch range and over 20+ pounds caught in this lake. Moose Lake also has a high population of Whitefish.

You also have access via logging roads to 4 other great fishing lakes. These cabins are in a very remote area with lots of lakes to fish. How many you fish is up to you.

The clean comfortable cabin sleeps 4 people and is situated on the north end of the lake in amongst old growth pine with a beautifull view of the lake. The cabin is clean and fully equipped with refrigerator, stove, dishes and furniture.

This is the only cabin on the lake. Next best thing to a fly-in without the cost.

Sunday morning departure:

We leave Sunday morning at 8:00 am from our Chapleau main base. You follow us in your vehicle to the parking location. Your gear is then loaded into a trailer and pull a short distance to the lake. From there it is loaded into boats and taken to the cabin. We go with you the whole way to ensure everything is in order at the camp. We return the following Sunday at a set time to help you back to your vehicle.
Access Method:
Drive To
Fish Available:
Northern Pike
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Access Method:
Drive To, Boat To, Fly-in
Fish Available:
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Game animals:
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Canoes, ATVs
Campground, RV Park, Golf
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