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At Mashkinonje Lodge fishing is our passion! We have a steeped history in catering to our guests, many of whom have been returning for twenty-five plus years. Our priority is to provide you with the equipment and knowledge necessary to make your fishing expedition both a pleasure, and a success.  Of course we can't take all of the credit; being located on of the most productive lakes in Ontario certainly helps!


Simply put, Lake Nipissing is a bonafied fish factory and if it is outstanding fishing you are looking for, there are few places that compare.  The fifth largest lake in Ontario (excluding the great lakes), Nipissing covers approximately 850 square kms. It is relatively shallow (about 30 ft. in most places) and as a result, is well aerated, which leads to an abundance of healthy plant, plankton and resulting fish life.


Mashkinonje Lodge is located on the west arm of Lake Nipissing. The west arm differs from the main body of water due to its rocky shorelines, deeper water depths and the fact that it is sheltered from the prevailing westerly winds experienced on aast Nipissing. On some parts of Nipissing, high winds can keep anglers out of the water for days at a time. The west arm offers access to the big water, but is sheltered enough to ensure you will be fishing in almost all conditions.

Lake Nipissing is a strong fishery that produces both size and numbers. With each passing year the lake yields larger specimens with double digit tanks occurring regularly. The average size of Lake Nipissing's Walleye is an indicator of its productive fishery. Walleye in the one to two pound range are plentiful, three and four pound common, with many Walleye exceeding more than five pounds.  The West Arm is home to a healthy population of fish and continues to produce with each passing year.

Lake Nipissing is home to some absolute super tanker Muskies, including the 58 inch world record catch and release musky (caught in October of 2006). The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources also reports netting a massive 70 pound Musky while test netting in the spring of 2008. Big water equals big fish! These elusive beasts can be hard to locate for even the experienced angler. However, the West Arm is famous for producing both size and numbers of good quality fish.

The most underrated species of Lake Nipissing has to be Smallmouth Bass. The lake is host to a truly remarkable population which are largely ignored by anglers. Here you can expect to catch smallies in both size and numbers. Fish in the one to four pound range are common with many going five and six pounds. Largemouth Bass can be found all season long in any of the many shallow, weedy bays and along shorelines. Largemouth Bass in the one to four pound range are common with bigger fish being caught throughout the season.

Northern Pike:
Lake Nipissings size and forage base allow it's Northern Pike to reach impressive sizes.  The lake has a diverse structure with many sunken islands and reefs, providing excellent forage areas for these predatory beasts. Northern Pike in Lake Nipissing are common in the 2 to 5 lb range. However, each year we see many fish caught are caught in the 15 lb range with the occasional monster in excesss of 20 lbs. If your targeting Northern Pike specifically, your chances at a trophy are good.
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Fishing vacation please help
Looking to get back to this cottage as haven't been there since I was a kid loved fishing there bit trying g to figure a way to get down there as I don't drive anymore would live to go back down hear on vacation if anyone has any ideas on buses or train or some way to get hear please let me know thanks
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Mark P
Cabin rental
I was wondering if you're open after labour day. Do you have any off season rates. We stayed at Lucky Strike years ago Before you took over and enjoyed it very much