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Northern Ontario has a bear population nearing 150,000 and growing. Our camp is located in the midst of approximately two million acres of exclusive Bear Management area. We recently received a large new non-hunted area attached to our existing area. We are one of very few camps where our bear area is in one large block, not like some camps where you have to drive many miles to get to various areas.

Our Operation:

Our camp is drive-in but very remote.  We have our own road grader to maintain our main bear routes.  Vehicles are expensive so we do our best to protect them for you.

Electricity is generated by new CAT diesel generator 24 hours a day. A new walk-in freezer is on site for bait and your bear.

We have hundreds of miles of logging roads to hunt. We start with approximately 300 bait sites. We design the hunt and which of these will be used based on the number of hits, activity in the area, weather, etc. By the time you get to camp, we have spent hundreds of hours determining which stands will be used that week. This is why we have a worldwide reputation for big bear. We have the area, look for the signs, and when the time is right, move you in for the hunt. A target area with elevated stands is available for rifle and bow sighting (please bring your own targets).

We have a walk-in freezer that never holds less than 12,000 pounds of fresh moose and beef trimmings. We have 300 fifty-five gallon barrels of the sweetest fruit mixtures with syrup, mixed with oats and meat scraps. A 2000 pound bait mixer has been manufactured by us and is used on site.  The mixture consist of corn, jam, fry oil, meat scraps, pastries, etc. We also have 50 forty five gallon barrels of mixed candies, liquid syrup and honey.  We did this by hand the last few years and it proved to be a great success. A good bear outfitter never cuts corners when it comes to bait if he wants to keep bears in the area.

Advantage of a Fall Hunt are as follows:

  ●  Tastier meat
  ●  No mosquitoes or black flies
  ●  Prime hides
  ●  Shorter days in your tree stand
  ●  Bigger bear
  ●  Prime Timber wolf hides
  ●  Earlier season starting August 15th
  ●  Bear in our far northern location are relatively disease free and free of ticks

Please note: Your deposit must be in within 2 weeks of booking your hunt. Remember to add additional postage for mail to Canada. Mail coming to Canada takes 8 to 10 days.

NOTE: You will be invoiced for the balance of your hunt before arrival

Camp Cabin
Access Method:
Drive To
Transportation Included:
Hunting Inclusions:
Cold Storage
Walk-in Freezer
Game Animals:
Boats Included
Boat (Without Motor)
7 Days
Per Person
Regular Hunt
Per Person
American Plan Hunt Package
Per Person
Bear and Wolf Hunting Combo Package
Per Person
American Plan Bear and Wolf Package
Per Person
Non-Hunting Partner
Additional Rates
Deposit Regular Hunt Package
Deposit for American Plan Hunt
Deposit for Bear and Wolf Hunting Combo Package
Deposit for American Plan Bear and Wolf Package
Deposit for Non-Hunting Partner
  • Motors will not be provided for the Boat
  • Prices do not include bear license, export tag, gun permit or taxes. Licenses can be purchased when you cross the border. All info is sent out to you including gun forms before you come up to hunt.
  • We accept all major credit cards. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to another hunter who is already booked. Balance is due on arrival by Traveler’s cheques, Cashier’s cheque or Cash.
  • There is a 6% G.S.T tax on your total hunt and 5% P.S.T tax on accommodation only
Payment directly with Hunting Package.
Cancellation Policy
Standard Policy
  • Cancellations made 30 days before will be fully refunded except for a service fee of 3%.
  • Cancellations made 15 days before will be refunded 50% of the amount paid.
  • Cancellations made at a later date will not be refunded.
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